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// Shona & Dav

“Sai was absolutely excellent throughout our wedding day. the quality and quantity of shots were first class and covered all the special moments from start to finish. His style is creative, relaxed and comprehensive. Sai was excellent at capturing our own individual style too, however it hardly felt like he was there! His quiet efficiency meant that he seemed to blend in to the background, but somehow document all of those moments you could wish for……..and then some! I would reccommend Sai to anyone looking for a great guy, with outstanding photographic skills!”

– Shona Barker

What a wonderful couple and an amazingly beautiful family! Their special day was on the picturesque Lusty beg Island, in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Slight shower at the beginning, but then the heavens seemed to open up and the sun was splitting the trees. It was truly a blessed day.

Home Weddings // Shona & Dav
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