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I really, love, weddings.
Getting to witness these moments is a joyful experience, something we can all gain from.
Most recent work is at the top, earlier to the bottom.

Heather & Jonny // Jenna & Ross // Beverly & Chris // David & Lois

Brian & Sarah // Chris & Becca // Andrew & Rebecca

Alan & Christine // Andrew & Hayley // Iain & Charis // Steve & Kacie // Shona & Dav


“We hired Sai after we saw the beautiful photographs he did for a friend’s wedding. We are so glad we did. Sai has been brilliant to work with! His style is artistic and yet classic. He was able to capture both the sense of place and occasion of our wedding day. Sai understood what we wanted for our wedding photos and he used his skills and expertise to achieve this. He was especially flexible and willing to work with us in regards to editing the photos, always quick to respond to our emails, and the finished product was simply stunning. We could not be happier with our photos and we are so grateful to Sai and Ally for all of their hard work.”

– Rebecca Grounds.

Beverly & Chris
Jenna & Ross
Heather & Jonny

Shona & Dav
What a wonderful couple and a beautiful family! Their special day was on the picturesque Lusty beg Island, in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Slight shower at the beginning, but then the heavens seemed to open up and the sun was splitting the trees. It was truly a blessed day.

Andrew & Hayley
A great couple! Andrew’s only preference was “No blown out skies”, meaning that he wanted as much feature and detail in the background as possible. I loved the challenge. Most of the day was overcast and the evening quite clear which made for a beautiful sunset. Which is exactly what you want when your backdrop is White Rocks Beach, Portrush.

Steve and Kacie
Steve and Kacie, two good friends of mine, had specific thoughts on colouring and style and I was only glad to accommodate. This wedding led me to the next three!

Iain and Charis
This couple are amazing and their day was wonderful at Ballydugan Mill.
Not to be confused with Ballydougan Pottery, where my own wedding was!

Alan and Christine
This was my first wedding; the couple were friends of mine and
they very kindly asked me to be their photographer.

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