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I was given the privilege of filming the interview between Don Was and Van Morrison, shown here; Van Morrison and Don Was Interview.
Then asked to take some stills of the conversation for his publicity. I feel blessed.


Artists aren’t often in the foreground of their art, when they are; it should be captured.
Are you a musician looking for that Album Cover or Insert? Contact me, i’d love to help out.

Stiff Upper Lips, is the official tribute band, to the unofficial tribute band, The Stiff Little Fingers, a political punk band from Belfast in the 1980’s famed for explicitly dealing with Northern Ireland’s ‘troubles’ in their lyrics. Iain Griffin, a local artist, hired them to play inside one of his installations at Dublin University. The energy was so intense, a few of my cameras kept shutting down to protect themselves! Great bunch of guys and they sounded amazing. Check out here for more info; Iain Griffin.

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